Drafting Space of The Green Empower Organization

Welcome to the draft domain of The Green Empower Organization!

I do a lot of drafting and much of our writing will be put here. Specifically intermediary writing (writing used in producing greater works) and writing that is subject to turnover.

We shall have a social site for Green Empower. We will do many things with this site: affinity groups and intellectual groups. Affinity groups are more about activism and intellectual groups are like study groups, but with more of an emphasis on more open ended communication and writing.


We are going to need to share a common environment to share across our apps.

I'm noticing that Voxim and MediaCAD will share code and design elements.


We have a media site named greenie.media .

This is for drafting.

We shall have draw from figures in our propaganda.

Jesus may be one of them.

We shall also look for examples in other art of hero's and compelling elements.

Most of our creative media should be propagandized and we will derive our propaganda from schema and writings made on our sites.

One trope can be that of a hero who upholds our values.


There shall be God, saints, demigods, emotionalites and more..

Green Empower designates saints. We select saints as people who express our values (as detailed in our documents) of altruism among other things to a fantastic degree.

In our media fiction saints shall likely be humans who are similarly fantastic and who expressing the likeness of God to a great degree within the bounds of human capacity.

God is a greater entity of much greater perfection of humans. He embodies much of the values of our organization (Green Empower) to their fullest and to a degree that is practically impossible for humans currently.

It is to be seen what level of importance God should have in our media.

A demigod is a being who is related to god by some means God.

Most of our media shall be produced to elicit strong emotions in our audience at a fast to moderate pace.

Much of our characters shall be emotionalites. They shall express emotion in their words, actions and physicality in a way that matches the pace and amplitude of our art.

They will smile, sing, dance, speak and interact in a way that is exaggerated, but meaningful and powerful.

Much of our media will be positively neurotic.


I'd like us to slander.

I have no moral issue with slandering some high-level republicans, but I am concerned about the legality of it.

I don't want to put us in that type of danger unnecessarily.


We will deal in 'education' to some degree.

I try to avoid dealing with this subject as it is typically defined, because I feel it is corrupted.

Our models of education or intellectualism, as I prefer, are not as strictly constrained by Capitalism.

When we deal in education it should be generally done as counter-hegemony. I'm not currently seeking to start an education institution to rival those colleges that exist in America as an example. That is not at all the case and if it were to ever happen in such a way that we replicate their classism, elitism and propriety then we would have failed in upholding our own values.